Sovereign Grade Grenadine Grossa Ruby Tie


Tie Size

Resurrecting the longevity of quality, Kirby Allison Sovereign Grade ties are handmade in the United Kingdom using understated craftsmanship of the highest quality, reflecting the quiet excellence sought out by sovereigns in times past. All ties are fully handmade by skilled craftspeople to our exact standards. Premium linings are used to ensure a beautiful knot and all ties are hand-slipped for added longevity.

Grenadine ties are wardrobe staples. Incredibly easy to wear, Grenadine ties off a conservative solid aesthetic with beautiful visual texture.

  • Available in both standard 150cm and long 160cm lengths.
  • Handcrafted in the United Kingdom using 100% Italian silk.
  • Three fold construction.
  • Hand-slip stitched.
  • Self-tipping and double-tacked.