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A pair of black shoes and a brush on a black surface.


Our Kirby Allison Wellington Shoelaces collection is one of the most comprehensive selections available for dress shoes online with an unprecedented range of colors and lengths and includes waxed and unwaxed round shoelaces, as well as flat and narrow flat waxed shoelaces.


Now available in an unprescendented number of colors (black, dark brown, medium brown, and light brown) and lengths (60 cm, 75 cm, 80 cm, 85 cm, and 120 cm), our Kirby Allison Wellington Shoelaces feature a finesse that one expects with the highest-quality shoes. Replace a pair of tired shoelaces and refresh the look of your dress shoes!

Shoelaces have a disproportionate effect on the overall look a pair of shoes. A pair of old, worn out pair of shoelaces will not uphold the formal dress look that you want in a well-polished pair of shoes. That's why here, at Kirby Allison, we have one of the most comprehensive and complete selections of shoelaces for dress shoes available anywhere on the Internet!