Cigar Accessories

Enjoying a great cigar in the company of good company is one of rituals I enjoy most. The quality, craftsmanship, and, especially, tradition, of a great cigar epitomizes the romance of the gentleman's lifestyle. Perhaps, this is one of the things I enjoy most when smoking a cigar. The idea that while smoking a great cigar, one momentarily suspends time, and is able to enjoy the company of others or the company of one's own thoughts to a degree not otherwise possible. 

But one of the ways to make smoking a cigar even more meaningful is to embellish the ritual with great accoutrement, like our El Casco Cigar Cutter or one of our Kirby Allison Ash Trays! These small accessories are anything but insignificant - they embellish the entire experience, making it easier and more enjoyable!


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