Shoe Horns

How to Use a Shoe Horn

Kirby Allison, founder of, teaches you how to properly use different types of shoehorns. In this video, Kirby goes through the different types and lengths of shoehorns that exist and talks about how they’re different.

Our Oxhorn shoehorns are hand-crafted in the United Kingdom by English artisans with centuries-old methods. These are essential accessories to any well-appointed closet and absolutely required for the care and maintenance of any fine pair of shoes. And because a man can never have too many shoehorns, we take pride in offering a a wide variety of sizes from which you can choose.

Please note: all of our horn products come in natural varieties, and therefore it is impossible to guarantee the uniformity of color will look exactly like your specific preferences. This is why our horn-made items are not configurable products on their respective website item listing pages. The pictures are simply examples showcasing the possible varieties.