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Luxury Garment Brushes from protect and extend the life of your clothing.

Garment Brushes

Our Kirby Allison Luxury Double-Sided Garment Brushes are crafted in Italy from 100% natural pig bristle, providing exceptional and essential care for your most important items of clothing.

Garment Brushes

Everyone is probably familiar with a typical lint roller that you'd find at most pharmacies or department stores. However, this is absolutely not what you should use when brushing or removing lint from your garments! Not only does the roller fail to get into the fabric, but it also will leave an adhesive residue which in turn is only going to attract more future dust and lint...Instead, you should always use a brush with natural bristles. All of our deluxe garment brushes are made with natural bristles which is important because it gets into the fabric much more effectively to remove dust or lint.