Presidential Suede Cleaning Service


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We at Kirby Allison are proud to present our newest service in our catalog, the KAHP Shoe Care and Shine Service. There are now multiple levels and services available to make your shoes look better than new! Using only the highest-grade products from your shoes will not only be well shined but also well-conditioned.

  • A world-class shine from one of the best shoe shiners in the US.
  • An incredibly comprehensive service that matches the level of quality of products and services.
  • Very Fast Turn Around Time!

Suede shoes are a joy to wear but can be a pain to care for. The Presidential Suede Cleaning Service is a full reconditioning for your suede shoes, starting with a deep Saphir Suede Shampoo for very deep cleaning. After drying, your shoes will then be sprayed with Saphir Colored Conditioning spray, then waterproofing spray. Finishing with an edge and heel finishing and polish.

PLEASE NOTE: For all Shine/Cleaning Services we kindly ask that you send in pictures of the shoes to (Attention: Shoe Shine Services) prior to purchasing the service so that we may determine what level of service is best for your needs. We have had instances of shoes needing much more work than what traditionally comes with the services, consequently requiring much more time to be finished. For this reason, we have added two price levels to notate if your shoes are going to require a much higher level of effort to get them restored.