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S.T. Dupont Loves Paris Limited Edition Smoking Kit

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Amongst those who appreciate the virtues of quality, craftsmanship, and tradition, Paris stands alone as one of the greatest cities in the world. In celebration of 150 years of unmatched artistry, S.T. Dupont has created the S.T. Dupont Loves Paris Smoking Kit, a limited edition lighter set that elegantly pays homage to its storied home and one of the greatest cities in the world: Paris.

At the center of this limited-edition set lies an exquisite lighter that is a miniature homage to the Arc de Triomphe, exquisitely detailed and precision-engineered to mirror the neoclassical magnificence of the actual monument. The lighter's body is expertly crafted, with cutouts that replicate the grand archways, allowing an interplay of light and shadow that brings the piece to life. Each column, relief, and decorative element is rendered with meticulous attention, reflecting the timeless elegance and design ethos for which S.T. Dupont is renowned.

In the backdrop, the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower suggests a romantic Parisian setting, enveloping the lighter in an aura of the city's rich history and the artistry that pervades it. This piece transcends its functional purpose to become a keepsake, capturing the spirit and ambiance of Paris. It's not just the likeness of the Arc de Triomphe that is captured in the lighter's design but the very essence of Parisian craftsmanship—a sculptural masterpiece in its own right, cut from the body of the lighter to celebrate the city's architectural splendor.

Limited to just 150 pieces, this collection is a testament to craftsmanship and style, epitomizing the ethos of S.T. Dupont products. We are honored to be able to offer you no. 208 and no. 067. If you have a preference of which of the two you receive, please reach out to Customer Service after confirming your order. 

  • Limited Edition of 150 pieces
  • Soft Double Yellow Flame
  • Refill: Yellow (432-Single)
  • Material: Brass with Gold Lacquer and Palladium
  • Made in Paris

      S.T. Dupont Rare and Limited Edition Lighters

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