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Our Luxury Wooden Jacket Hangers help preserve the tailor-made shape and drape of your favorite jackets. The hanger helps extend a suit jacket's life by providing essential support that makes a meaningful difference in how a suit looks every time.

  • Four widths guarantee a perfect fit.
  • 2.5" Shoulder Flare offers 5x more support than average.
  • Full contour mimics shoulder's natural stance.
  • Available in three premium finishes. 

Sizing Guide

  • Small: up to US 40; Medium: US 41-44
  • Large: US 45-48; Extra-Large: US 48+

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Our Luxury Wooden Jacket Hangers preserve the tailor-made shape and drape of your suits and extend their life by providing *essential* support – support that makes a meaningful difference in how your suits look each time you put them on. Five-times more support than average hangers, to be exact!

Backed by our Perfect Fit Guarantee. If for any reason you feel like your hangers are not the proper size, we are more than happy to exchange them within 30 days of the date received. Please see the Return Policy for more details.

Three Finishes Now Available

Our Traditional Finish is constructed from solid birch wood using high-gloss finish and brass hardware.

Natural Maplewood Finish is constructed from USA Maple Wood using a satin finish and chrome hardware. The maplewood features a beautiful woodgrain with deep marbling. Because of the cost of maplewood, this is a premium finish.

Alfred Finish is constructed from European beechwood using a satin finish and chrome hardware. Beechwood is characterized by being slight heaver in weight and specking.

The Hanger Project Difference

When it comes to keeping your tailored suits looking great, shoulder support is essential. Kirby Allison collaborated extensively with bespoke tailors to create the perfect hanger.

Four available widths 15.5", 17.0", 18.5", and 20.0"ensures your wooden hanger extends all the way to the shoulder, but not past.

  • A 2.5" Shoulder Flare, 5x wider than average, provides opulent shoulder support, thereby preventing collapsed shoulders. Two-inch or smaller shoulder flares are not adequate.
  • A Felted Trouser Bar ensures your trousers never crease or slide off of the bar.
  • Four-piece construction allows for the perfect contour not allowed by normal two-piece construction.
  • Our moderate shoulder slope ensures that the jacket will not slide down the hanger, which prevents collar distortion. The shoulder slope on most ordinary hangers slope too dramatically.

Experience the distinction of luxury wooden jacket hangers from Kirby Allison's Hanger Project and you'll never go back to cheap clothes hangers.

Sizing Guide

The below is an approximate sizing guidance. We size our wooden hangers by the standard off-the-rack chest measurement of a suit. If you have any questions, feel free to call Customer Service at (800) 495-3201 or click the chat button. 

-15.5" Small Wooden Suit Hangers: Chest sizes 40 and below
-17.0" Medium Wooden Suit Hangers: Sizes 41 to 44
-18.5" Large Wooden Suit Hangers: Sizes 45 to 48
-20.0" Extra-Large Wooden Suit Hangers: Sizes 48+

With our Luxury Suit and Jacket Hangers, it is generally recommended to be slightly on the narrow side than too wide. Hangers that extend past the shoulder into the sleeve can damage the drape of the sleeve. 

For more informaiton about how to size our Luxury Wooden Jacket Hangers, please take a look at this YouTube Video: