Luxury Wooden Felted Trouser Bar Hanger (Set of 5)


Hanger Size
Hanger Finish

Our Felted Trouser Bar hanger eliminates annoying trouser creases caused by ordinary locking-bar hangers. Retire cardboard hangers and save closet space with The Hanger Project's Luxury Felted Trouser Bar Hanger.

As most men of style know, the Felted Trouser Bar is superior to the locking bar and a far cry from the cardboard dry cleaning hangers that are probably sullying your closet right now. Replace them all with the finest wooden trouser hangers available. Our Luxury Trouser Hangers are a perfect and logical addition to any well-appointed closet. The unique Felted Trouser Bar delicately grips your trousers without the risk of creasing or, worse, damage. The felted trouser bar actually does a better job securing trousers than locking bars, without the risk of damage to your fabric or creasing.

The width of the standard hanger is 17", the Felted Trouser Bar measures 14.75" and has a diameter of 1/2". The width of the Extra Large hanger is 18.5", the Large Felted Trouser Bar measures 16.5" and has a diameter of 1/2". The extra large hanger is designed for our customers who purchase our extra large suit hangers. Most importantly, our bar does not spin (like those of our competitors) and features a large drop to make threading your trousers as easy as possible.


Available Finishes

  • Our Traditional Finish is constructed from solid birch wood using a high-gloss finish, brass hardware and brown flocking.
  • Natural Maplewood Finish is constructed from USA Maple Wood using a satin finish, chrome hardware and black flocking.
  • Alfred Finish is constructed from European beechwood using a satin finish, chrome hardware and black flocking.