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Luxury Wooden Felted Trouser Bar Hanger (Set of 5)

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TypeLuxury Wooden Felted Trouser Bar Hanger (Set of 5)
A Luxury Wooden Suit Hanger designed to extend the life of garments and protect suits, set against a white background by A tailor-made Luxury Wooden Jacket Hanger provided by, providing essential support for luxury jackets, set against a white background. A Luxury Wooden Shirt Hanger (Set of 5) with premium finishes on a white background, from Luxury Wooden Sweater and Polo Hanger Traditional Finish A Luxury Wooden Felted Trouser Bar Hanger (Set of 5) on a white background by

Our Luxury Wooden Felted Trouser Bar Hangers eliminate the annoying trouser creases caused by ordinary locking-bar hangers while preserving important vertical closet space. 

The flocked or "felted" trouser bar securely grips your trousers (surprisingly better than locking bar hangers), ensuring that you'll never find them at the bottom of your closet, while eliminating trouser creasing. 

  • Available in three premium finishes.
  • Locking ring hook will never pull out or unscrew.
  • Extra-large width for plus-size trousers. 
  • Standard width: 14.75" (14 3/4")
  • Extra large width: 16.375" (16 3/8")

      Luxury Trouser & Pants Hangers for Men

      Say goodbye to the annoying mid-thigh creasing caused by ordinary hangers with our luxury wooden trouser hangers. Designed to perfection, these hangers are crafted to eliminate creases and preserve the impeccable look of your trousers. Made from high-quality wood, they provide the necessary support and prevent fabric distortion, ensuring your trousers hang flawlessly. Elevate your closet organization and bid farewell to unsightly creases by investing in our luxury wooden trouser hangers, the ultimate accessory for maintaining the sharp and polished appearance of your favorite trousers.

      Close up photo of glossy, brown wooden hangers with curved edges, arranged with dark jackets hanging along a bar, facing the viewer.

      Garment Care Guides

      Written for both beginners and experts, Kirby Allison's Luxury Garment Care Guide walks you through the journey of learning how to properly care for your wardrobe.

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