Wooden Sweater and Polo Hanger


Hanger Size
Hanger Finish

Our Luxury Sweater and Polo Hanger was deliberately and thoughtfully designed to enable you to hang your wardrobe of sweaters and polos without concern for the embarrassing and annoying consequences of ordinary hangers. Our Luxury Sweater and Polo Hanger features a medium contour, moderate shoulder flares and a curved shoulder tip to provide 3x more surface area and support than average hangers while eliminating shoulder damage. This Luxury Wooden Clothes Hanger is also excellent for any soft-knit garment that is prone to stretching or shoulder puckering, such as polos and golf shirts.

The recent addition of the shoulder flocking to our Luxury Wooden Sweater and Polo Hanger dramatically improves the efficacy of these hangers. The flocking helps "grip" the garment, thereby further preventing stretching that occurs as garments slide down the clothes hanger.

Do you fold your sweaters?

Most people reluctantly resort to folding their sweaters as a strategy to cope with problems caused when ordinary shirt hangers are used for sweaters. Many of our customers reported frustration with sweaters falling off hangers, finding them littering their closet floor, and the irreparable shoulder dimpling and or damage caused by ordinary shirt hangers.

Looking for a better solution, many reached out to us for help. We didn't, at the time, have a hanger designed specifically for the unique requirements of sweaters, so we invented one. The features of our Luxury Sweater Hanger combine to reduce the frequency of required dry cleanings, extend sweater lifetime, and enable you to safely and responsibly hang your sweaters and polos without causing annoying shoulder dimpling.