Luxury Wooden Clamping Trouser Hanger


Hanger Finish

Our Clamping Trouser Hanger vertically hangs trousers upside-down at the cuff, thereby creating a "soft press" as the weight of the trouser pulls out wrinkles. The only Clamping Trouser Hanger with an all-wire mechanism, this is the best Clamping Trouser Hanger in the world.

  • Vertically clamps trousers at cuff.
  • Robust, all-wire 3 mm clamping mechanism will not lose rebound.
  • Felt lining for added trouser grip.
  • Clamping mechanism will not damage or mark even the finest fabrics.
  • Extra-large center cuff allowance.
  • Top of hook to bottom of clamp: 7.5".
  • Opening gap: 5" wide and 0.5" across.
  • Available in three finishes: Traditional, Natural, and Alfred.