Saphir Gommadin Suede Cleaner

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Saphir Gommadin Suede Eraser is used to remove soiling and watermarks from shoes while restoring the leather's original texture. This is an essential tool for the proper care of any suede, nubuck, or velvet shoes.

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Saphir Gommadin Suede Eraser is used to remove stains, water marks and soiling from suede, nubuck, and velvet-finished leathers to restore your shoe's original finish and texture. The coarse texture of the Gommadin Eraser abrades stains and shine marks from the shoes while allowing it to crumble during use. The Gommadin Bar will not change the color of your shoes.


Use the Gommadin bar by gently rubbing one of the coarse sides of the eraser back and forth over the spot or area to be cleaned. Apply pressure as needed. As you rub back and forth, the bar will crumble slightly. This is normal. Once finished, use a suede brush to remove the residue. Stains removed and the original texture of your beautiful shoes restored!

For a thorough guide on how to clean suede shoes, please visit our blog.

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