Saphir Leather Cleaning Soap

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Saphir's Cleaning Soap is used to prepare soiled leathers for polishing by removing dirt and polish buildup and by opening the lather pores. It is more mild than Saphir Reno'Mat yet stronger than Saphir Renovateur alone.

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More About Saphir Leather Cleaning Soap

Saphir's Cleaning Soap is used to clean finished leather prior to polishing. This non-alkaline formula is gentle on leathers yet effective at removing polish buildup and dirt, restoring the leather to its natural look and opening pours for polishing. Used before the application of polishes or Renovateur, it opens the pores of the leather thus facilitating the penetration of pigments and delivery of nutrients. It can also be used to clean handbags, as this is the cleaner of choice of Hermes in their U.S. workshops. 100 or 200 ml. Made in France.


Dunk our Deluxe Horsehair Dauber into water and work up a gentle lather of the Cleaning Soap. Scrape off excess soap on side of tin (you do not want too strong a concentrate). Clean shoe with brush using a circular motion, continuing to work the lather on the shoe. Once completed, wipe promptly with a dry rag (being careful to not allow Cleaning Soap to dry on shoe). Allow the leather to fully dry (few minutes) prior to applying our Saphir Renovateur Cleaner and Conditioner. This will recondition the leather and restore any moisture that was removed by the Cleaning Soap, thereby preventing the leather from drying and/or cracking.