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Saphir's CANADIAN is formulated to clean, recolor, soften, nourish and waterproof larger leather goods, such as leather jackets and leather luggage, without rubbing off onto clothing. It is a "total care" product that will both nourish and protect the leather.

  • Designed specifically for leather jackets and large leather goods.
  • Total care - nourishes, protects, and shines.
  • Will not rub off on clothing.

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Saphir's CANADIAN is a restorative cream containing beeswax formulated especially for nourishing larger leather items, such as leather jackets, leather luggage, and leather briefcases. It is formulated to clean, recolor, soften, nourish and waterproof leather goods without rubbing off onto clothing. If you are just looking to condition but not recolor your leather item, then choose neutral. If looking to restore the patina and finish, choose the color that best matches your jacket.

Saphir CANADIAN is richer in waxes than the Saphir Leather Lotion Medaille d'Or, making it appropriate for both the conditioning and recoloring of larger leather accessories. If you are looking just for leather conditioning (and not recoloring), consider Saphir Leather Lotion.

For more permanent recoloring of leather goods, consider Saphir Juvacuir.


  1. First clean the article using a damp cotton cloth.
  2. Apply the CANADIAN using a cotton chamois.
  3. Allow to dry for 15 minutes.
  4. Polish with a Horsehair Brush or wool cloth.