Rose Gold Lapis Lazuli Golden Acorn Cufflinks

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The Hanger Project is excited to offer, by special commission only, a pair of Lapis Lazuli Golden Acorn cufflinks designed by my wife Bianca based on a vintage pair of cufflinks we once saw together while in New York. Featuring beautiful blue Lapis Lazuli gemstones set in 14 kt rose gold on both the front and back of the cufflink, these are absolutely stunning. Whereas most people wear silver cufflinks these days, the Golden Acorn Cufflinks make a bold statement. Every gentleman should own at least one pair of formal, gold cufflinks - and if you are only going to have one set, this is the set to have. They are also available with a matching of set studs.

  • Vintage design
  • Individually handcrafted in Dallas by skilled jeweler.
  • Beautiful, deep-blue lapis lazuli stones.
  • Made to order; two-week lead time.

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By special commission only.

Each pair is individually handcrafted.

Delivery time approximately two to four weeks.

These are an evolution of our first Special Project with Simon Crompton from Permanent Style. Based on my experience with those cufflinks and customer feedback, I have further refined the design of these cufflinks to be as sartorially proper and gracefully functional as they are striking.

First, Simon and I both maintain that formal cufflinks should have some sort of decoration adorning both sides. Until recently (past few decades), this has always been the case. However, these days it is incredibly difficult to find compelling cufflinks with matching stones. The most overwhelming feedback about our Pearl Cufflinks was that you appreciated this.

These Golden Acorn Cufflinks feature prominent Lapis Lazuli gemstones on the front side with a complimentary discreet stone on the back. The deep blue color of lapis lazuli coordinates well both during the daytime as well as formally in the evening while the golden inclusions of pyrites, characteristic to the stone, shimmer discreetly in the light and compliment the gold setting.

The front stone measures 10 mm while the rear stone is smaller and, therefore, easier to punch through the cuff.

Second, I have continued to hone in on the design of the shank that connect the front and the back of the cufflink. Too long or too short, they can undermine the point of having one's shirts custom made to fit perfectly. The length of the shank almost perfectly matches that of the Pearl Cufflinks featured in our first Special Project, which was the result of extensive testing by Simon.

However, additionally and importantly, I have modified the shape of the shank from being rounded, which allows the cufflink to easily rotate in the button hole, to shaped in such a way that the cufflink is righted and held in place by the button hole.

The matching stud set will feature the same, smaller sized gemstones as the back of the cufflinks. Instead of a round button fastening mechanism, these will be made instead with barbells, which are more easily inserted into the shirt and are less susceptible to puling out if the buttonhole is large vs. small. The photograph in the gallery is of an unfinished prototype (with a dummy stone).

Technical Details:

  • The lapis lazuli gemstones are certified and untreated
  • The setting and barbell are solid gold with an approximate weight of 15 grams
  • The front lapis lazuli measures approximately 10 mm round while the smaller rear gemstone measures approximately 8 x 6 mm.
  • The entire setting is highly-polished
  • The optional set of studs with matching stones is sold as a set of 4