Professional Clothes Moth Trap (Set of 10)

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Clothes moths, which are normally undetectable, can cause significant damage to garments hanging in your closet. Our new Professional Clothes Moth Trap helps monitor and control any moths that could potentially ruin your clothes. Its professional-grade pheromones – which are much more effective than store-bought varieties – control the release and dosage rates for maximum efficacy, and are effective up to 90 days. Best used in addition to proper garment storage, such as garment bags and sweater boxes. Sold in a Set of 10.

  • Professional-Grade Pheromone – the same used by pest control companies.
  • Formulated specifically to attract Webbing Clothes Moths.
  • Control over release rate and dose rate – making the trap substantially more effective.
  • With the live moths trapped, the larvae – which actually cause the damage – cannot be born. See video link below.
  • Each Pheromone bullet last for 60-90 days, the entire set offers 30 months of protection when maintained.
  • Traps effective within 5-15 feet.
  • Use on floor or low shelf.
  • Sold as a Set of 10.
  • Made in USA.

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Clothes moth larvae feed on woolens, mohair, furs, and leathers and most Infestations occur in clothing, carpets, rugs, furs, fabrics, blankets, stored wool products, upholstery, and mounted animals. The caterpillar may feed on fabrics and use the materials to construct their cocoons. Synthetics, cottons, and other plant materials are not attacked by the webbing clothes moth larvae unless these items are stained with food or body oils.

For more information on identification Case Making vs. Webbing Clothes Moths, please reference this video.The YouTube video explains how to identify the difference between Case Making and Webbing Moths.