Saphir Sneaker Protector - 200ml Spray


The Saphir Sneaker Protector is a solvent- and silicone-free water protectant. The product provides protection against rain, snow, mud and stains of all kinds, including grease, oils, drinks, etc. It also works against the penetration of dust and dirt.

The Sneaker Protector is safe to use on all materials, including smooth leathers, suede, and textiles.

To apply, simply spray onto a clean surface at a distance of 8-10 inches to allow for even dispursion. Allow 12 hours to fully dry.

The unique, eco-friendly packaging is powered 100% on air, allowing the product to be solvent and gas-free. The Saphir Sneaker Protector has no classification or safety labelling to provide, either for its use or for transport. Allows airmail delivery without any special procedure or declaration of dangerous or any particular constraint.