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Saphir Sneaker Foam Cleaner - 200ml

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The Saphir Sneaker Foam Cleaner is a universal stain remover and cleaner. It cleans all kinds of dirt on any material - leather, suede, canvas - and is safe on even the most delicate materials. The unique formulation is effective at cleaning dirt, stains, silicones, resins, etc.

The Saphir Sneaker Foam Cleaner in no way changes the nature or texture of the leather or textiles. It does not make your sneaker surface drier or greasier, which allows it to restore its original appearance without any risk of altering its original color.

The Saphir Sneaker Foam Cleaner has no classification or safety labelling to provide, either for its use or for transport. Allows airmail delivery without any special procedure or declaration of dangerous or any particular constraint.

Leather Cleaners

Regular cleaning of leather shoes is essential to their long-term maintenance by preventing the buildup of waxes, resins, and dirt that can otherwise clog leather pores and cause cracking. Especially for those transitioning to Saphir Shoe Polish from ordinary polishes, we recommend thoroughly cleaning your shoes with Saphir Reno'Mat to remove any resins, wax buildup or petroleum products left by prior polishes. This ensures that the leather pores are open and able to fully absorb Saphir Medaille d'Or's high concentration of waxes and nourishing agents. 

For regular cleaning of dirt buildup, we recommend the Saphir Leather Cleaning Soap. The gentle formulation is not overly aggressive and contains leather nourishing agents to help prevent the leather from drying. For more thorough cleaning, the Saphir Reno'Mat will remove any accumulated waxes or resins.

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Shoe Care Guides

Written for both beginners and experts, The Hanger Project’s guides walk you through the journey of learning how to shine shoes properly, ensuring that they will gracefully age for decades.

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