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Optimo Hats: The Art of the Hatmaker

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The newest must-have reference piece for the well-dressed gentleman, Optimo Hat's new The Art of the Hatmaker book is a true masterpiece. The 325 page book gives the reader an in depth look at Optimo’s quest to make the world’s finest hats.

For the past three years, Copenhagen-based design studio Ehrhorn Hummerston has been been researching and photographing the clients, craft and culture of Optimo. The result is a visually stunning book which celebrates Optimo’s first 25 years in business. The book tracks the birth of Optimo on Chicago’s southside, from founder Graham Thompson’s apprenticeship with legendary Hatmaker Johnny Tyus to the current day.

Years of research & memories have been condensed into The Art of the Hatmaker — illustrating the incredible amount of work that goes into making an Optimo. It is as much a comprehensive history of hatmaking as it is a glimpse inside Optimo's legendary commitment to producing the finest hats in the world.

From the weaving of the legendary Montecristi straw in Ecuador to the felting of fine furs in Portugal to the custom molds in London — all the efforts honored in the Optimo workshop are too memorialized in the book.

Close up photo of glossy, brown wooden hangers with curved edges, arranged with dark jackets hanging along a bar, facing the viewer.

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