Imperial Black Travel Umbrella with Woven Leather Handle


Handcrafted in Milan, Italy, by one of the oldest and most prestigious Italian umbrella makers, our Kirby Allison Black Travel Umbrella features our exclusive black imperial poly-cotton canopy and a black, beautifully woven leather handle. This umbrella is exceptionally sophisticated, featuring loads of visual texture while remaining quite simple in design. Without question, it represents the best of Italian craftsmanship. The handle is hand-woven in Milan, Italy, while the poly-cotton canopy is woven at a small, family-owned silk mill at Lake Como. The umbrella is compact enough when folded to easily fit into a briefcase, making it perfect for driving cities or travel.

  • Special imperial poly-cotton canopy.
  • Woven black leather handle.
  • Mother of pearl, embroidered button closure.
  • Handmade in Milan, Italy.