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Elie Bleu Amboyna Burl Classic Humidor (110 Cigars)

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TypeElie Bleu Amboyna Burl Classic Humidor (110 Cigars)
A blue Elie Bleu Blue Madrona Burl "Classic" humidor with a wooden lid. An Elie Bleu Amboyna Burl "Classic" Humidor - 75 Cigars with a tassel on it. A wooden Elie Bleu Amboyna Burl "Classic" Humidor - 110 Cigars box with a tassel, perfect for cigar collection or tabletop humidors.

Universally regarded amongst cigar connoisseurs as the finest manufacturer of tabletop humidors in the world, a humidor from Elie Bleu is as much collectors item as it is a place to safely rest your cigars! Meticulously hand-crafted, each piece is a work of art, harmonizing impeccable design with expert craftsmanship. Elevate your cigar collection's home while ensuring optimal preservation and sophistication. 

The Amboyna Burl is part of the timeless classic collection. Elie Bleu selects the best woods from around the world in the most remote locations. Brought back to Europe, they are delicately shaped and treated to be placed on the humidors.Handcrafted from solid Spanish cedar wood with sycamore marquetry

  • Storage up to 110 cigars
  • No tray, one humidifier, and one needle hygrometer
  • Dimensions: 15.75 x 10.63 x 4.41 inches
  • Handmade in Paris, France


Close up photo of glossy, brown wooden hangers with curved edges, arranged with dark jackets hanging along a bar, facing the viewer.

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