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Wellington 100% Cotton Shoe Storage Bag (Pair)

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Our Kirby Allison Wellington Cotton Shoe Bag is cut from a heavy 10 oz black cotton fabric. The result is an incredibly substantial and plush shoe bag perfect for protecting shoes during travel.

  • Folding closure protects heels of shoes.
  • Black fabric does not lent on shoe laces.
  • Made in the United States.
  • Sold as a pair of two bags.
  • Finished Dimensions
  • Medium: 14.5" x 8.5"
  • Large: 16.5" x 10.0"
  • Boot Bags: 17.50" x 12.75"

Shoe Storage Bags and Boxes

Proper shoe storage is vital to protecting your shoes against accumulating dust and accidental damage. There are two primary categories of shoe storage: at home in the closet and while traveling. Our Wellington Shoe Storage Bags and Boxes provide maximum protection and ideal organization for your fine dress shoes.

Proper storage is essential to protecting the beautiful shine you created with our Saphir Shoe Polish! While traveling or while resting in your closet, improper storage can damage your shine and shorten the life of your shoes. You go to all that effort creating a beautiful mirror shine for you shoes only to watch them get covered in dust or, worse still, have your mirror shine cracked when they accidentally get bumped!

Don't let this happen to your beautiful shoes!

Our shoe storage bags and shoe storage boxes are perfectly designed to help protect your shoes when they are not on your feet. Our Shoe Storage Boxes are built with a extra-durable, thick cardboard and with a front file card holder. In addition to providing essential protection, they also help keep your closet clean and organized. 

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Based in Dallas, Texas

Although Kirby Allison travels the world to source product and film videos, we are based here in Dallas, Texas. Our warehouse is open to the public. Feel free to stop by anytime to pick up an order, chat with Kirby Allison, or ask any shoe care questions.