Black Canopy Umbrella with Malacca Handle

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This handmade umbrella by Maglia Francesco is designed with a black canopy and a Malacca handle.

  • Hand-cut and sewn polyester canopy.
  • Malacca handle, two-piece construction.
  • Snap closure.
  • Handmade in Milan, Italy

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This Maglia Francesco umbrella is handcrafted in Milan, Italy using traditional artisan techniques. It features a black canopy, two-piece construction with a Malacca handle.

Early in this century, Malacca was referred to as the "King of Canes" because of how its long, slender stems were considered perfect for fashioning walking sticks and umbrellas.

Using the highest standards, the navy canopy is designed and woven especially for Maglia Francesco out of polyester. In order to make the fabric waterproof, it is coated with Teflon. The black canopy offers subtle sophistication while the traditional, Malacca-wood shaft and handle makes it wholly unique.

Since 1854, Maglia Francesco has been manufacturing some of the world's finest handmade umbrellas. Requiring no less than 70 steps to complete, each umbrella is a masterpiece of classic elegance and refinement. This third-generation company has been providing handcrafted, exquisite umbrellas to gentlemen since the 19th Century from Milan, Italy.

Don't miss this opportunity to acquire such an exquisite example of Italian craftsmanship.

Watch this beautiful interview with Francesco here.

Additional Information
Umbrella Canopy Color Black
Umbrella Canopy Pattern Solid
Umbrella Canopy Size 67 cm
Length 37 in / 94 cm
Umbrella Handle Material Malacca
Umbrella Canopy Material Polyester
Umbrella Construction Two-Piece