Wellington Plastic Travel Shoetree

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The lightweight, plastic construction of our Wellington Plastic Travel Shoetree ensures that it properly protects your favorites shoes during travel without unnecessarily weighting down your luggage. Shoe trees are especially important during travel since most men travel with just one or two pairs of shoes.

  • High-quality, light-weight plastic construction
  • Generous proportions
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Made in Italy

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The Hanger Project Travel Shoe Tree is perfect for travel. It's amazing how much heavier a few pair of wooden shoe trees can make luggage.

Our Hanger Project Travel Shoe Tree is manufactured in Italy and is available in four sizes. The adjustable hing ensures that a precise fit can be achieved while the high vamp and generous proportions ensure that the shoe tree keeps your shoes adequately stretched and protected against collapsing while in your luggage.

Shoe trees are essential for the proper maintenance of any shoe and are especially important during travel when one normally rotates between fewer shoes than at home. This means that you wear each pair of shoes more often and for longer periods of time, producing a higher buildup of perspiration in the leather. It is essential that the shape of the shoe is protected with a shoe tree while they dry overnight, otherwise your shoes will begin to curl. For more on daily maintenance, read our Shoe Care Guide on Daily Maintenance for Calfskin Shoes.


Small: US 6-7 / EU 39-40
Medium: US 7.5-9 / EU 41-42
Large: US 9.5-10.5 / EU 43-44
Extra-Large: US 11-12 / EU 45-46

Sizing Guide

Shoetree Size                US Size              UK Size        

Small                                  6/7                   39/40        

Medium                              7.5/9                 41/42        

Large                                  9.5/10.5           43/44        

Extra Large                        11/12                45/46