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Our Luxury Garment Bag is skillfully constructed in Dallas, Texas, from a premium 8.5 oz cotton twill. These bags are the best available anywhere and perfect for protecting your garments from moths and dust while in storage.

  • Constructed from high-quality, Navy heavy cotton twill.
  • Fully-fused 2-inch gusset for added structure.
  • Accommodates one suit or up to three hangers.
  • Bottom tab allows bag to be easily folded for travel.
  • See-through note card window.
  • Available in three lengths.

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KAHP's Luxury Garment Bags are thoughtfully-designed with no detail spared. These are simply the best garment bags available anywhere and offer the highest level of protection possible to garments while in storage against moths, insects, and dust.

Left to hang for long periods without being worn, luxury garments are susceptible to damage caused by moths and accumulated dust. Improper garment storage is often discovered once it is too late, requiring once perfect garments to be replaced. Our Luxury Garment Bags are constructed from a heavy 8.5-ounce 100% cotton twill fabric that provides a durable barrier against moths, dust, and other dangers.

These luxury garment bags are available in in both a standard 38" length for suits sized 44 and smaller, a 50" for longer jackets (sized 46 and above) and a oversized 60" length for overcoats.

The standard 38" length is just long enough to accommodate suits in double-rack closets, while the 50" variety is perfect for larger jackets that require extra length. Our 60" Bag can be used for topcoats, overcoats, and dresses.

Other thoughtful details of our Garment Bags include:

  • A 4-inch fused gusset adds additional structure and prevents the bag from collapsing on the garment.
  • A see-through window doubles as a business card holder, allowing easy identification of garments without opening the bag.
  • Three 3/4-inch button-hole openings are used at the top of the bag allowing it to "seal" onto the hanger, eliminating a source of entry for moths, while still accommodating up to three garments.
  • A horizontal tab on the bottom of the bag can be used in folding the bag in half for compact travel (not recommended for storage).

For tips on garment storage, read our recent Blog Post on how to properly store your wardrobe.

Note on sizing. We offer three different lengths to ensure that our Luxury Garment Bags perfectly accommodate your garments without unnecessary bulk or length. If unsure on sizing, measure the length of the garment when hung on a hanger from the point where the hook meets the hanger to the bottom of the garment. As always, if you have questions, please don't hesitate to "chat" with customer service or call us at (800) 495-3201.