Wellington Deluxe Shoe Polish Dauber

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Our Deluxe Wellington Shoe Polish Dauber is made of horsehair and features a generous 1.5" head. The spatula-style handle makes it easy and comfortable to use to apply shoe polish during the shoeshine process while keeping your hands clean. Our daubers are made from the highest-quality, 100% horse tail hair, minimizing any bristle loss. 

Available with both neutral and black bristle. 

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This deluxe dauber is pretty straight-forward to use. We recommend using it to apply wax and cream polishes during the shoeshine process. Use a separate dauber for brown and black polishes, remembering that dark polishes cannot be removed from more lightly-finished shoes.

Additional Information
Handle Dimensions 15 cm
Brush Bristle Material Horsehair
Brush Handle Material Beechwood
Shoe Brush Bristle Color
  • Neutral
  • Black