Deluxe Wellington Pig Bristle Shoe Polishing Brush

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Our Kirby Allison Wellington Pig Bristle Shoe Polishing Brush is crafted out of 100% ultra-long pig bristle, which is stiffer than horsehair, and pinned at an exceptionally high-density (especially for pig bristle). Pig bristle does a better job buffing polish off more textured leathers. Our Wellington Pig Bristle brush requires raw bristle from domesticated pigs that is 3.0 inches long, before pinning, which is incredibly rare and difficult to source. Due to limited supply, we cannot guarantee a consistent availability of this brush.

  • Stiff bristle great for pebble grain, woven vamps and broguing.
  • Curved body with beveled sides.
  • Ultra-Long Pig Bristle Length: 1.25"
  • Handle dimensions: 6.5" x 2.0"
  • Made in Germany.

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The stiff bristle is especially useful where polish is prone to accumulation in textured leathers, such as pebble grain leathers and shoes with decorative broguing. Pig bristle brushes are a complement to, not replacement for, horsehair brushes and should be used when a little more rigorous buffing is required.


Our deluxe Kirby Allison Wellington Pig Bristle Shoe Polishing Brush uses an ultra-long premium raw pig bristle that measures almost 3.0 inches, creating an ultra-long 1.25 inch cut length bristle. This is exceptionally long, considering most pig bristle polishing brushes have cut-lengths (the actual length of the bristle after it is folded in half and pinned into the tuffs) of 0.75 inches or less. The result is an ultra-premium pig bristle polishing brush that has a strong rebound without being too stiff and therefore damaging to leather.

Because of the difficulty sourcing the ultra-long pig bristle (requires a domesticated pig raised to an older age than what is used for food), these brushes are available in limited quantities, and we, therefore, cannot guarantee stocking availability.

Additional Information
Bristle Length 1.0"
Handle Dimensions 6.5" x 2.0"
Brush Bristle Material Pig Bristle
Brush Handle Material Beechwood
Shoe Brush Bristle Color
  • Neutral
  • Black