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A shaving brush and shaving cream in a cup.

Razors, Brushes, and Accessories

Experience luxury wet shaving with a badger hair brush and a double-edge safety razor, a stylish man's essential. Avoid razor burn and enjoy an invigorating shave at an affordable price, fit for a gentleman.

Razors, Brushes, and Accessories

Indulging in an opulent wet shave with a fine badger hair brush, a rich lather, and a double-edge safety razor is a must-have morning practice for any sartorially inclined gentleman. Take your shave from the ordinary to the extraordinary with the right tools and techniques, and bid adieu to the era of cartridge shaving.

Double-edge razors address numerous issues often associated with multi-blade cartridge razors, such as razor burn and ingrown hairs. Instead of compressing the beard, they lift it, resulting in a more invigorating and fulfilling post-shave feeling. Plus, with the cost of blades maxing out at just 35 cents, you'll always have access to a razor at its sharpest.

Let us welcome you into the world of high-end wet shaving, transforming your daily shaving routine to meet the elevated standards of a true gentleman.