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Bespoke Style by Simon Crompton

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'Bespoke Style: The cuts of 25 of the world's finest tailors, analysed and explained'

This book, four years in the making, brings together 25 suits or jackets Simon has had made by some of the best tailors in the world, from Huntsman on Savile Row to Panico in Naples, Liverano in Florence to Cifonelli in Paris.

The project began with Simon's interest in the contrasting styles of the great tailors. So he set out on a project: to make a piece with 25 of them, photograph all of them in studio conditions, and then analyse the differences. The results are fascinating.

By picking apart everything from shoulder width to jacket length, lapel style to buttoning point, he demonstrates how each tailor achieves contrasting effects.

Simon also worked with an expert tailor, to analyse how the structure of each jacket varies - how the canvas and the shoulder padding inside affect the silhouette. And between them they took a consistent set of measurements, to enable precise comparison. It’s hard to imagine a more comprehensive guide for someone interested in a bespoke suit.

And he concludes with an impassioned argument for bespoke tailoring as the ultimate men’s craft. Something that needs preserving now more than ever.

The book is hardback, runs to 188 pages, and is full colour throughout.

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