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How to Fix Scratched Leather Shoes

Saphir Cream Polish is great for repairing and concealing most superficial damage to shoes. Minor scuffing or scratching can normally be fixed with a few extra coats of Saphir Cream Polish. However, sometimes shoe polish is not enough to repair or conceal deep gouges or scratches.

For deep scratches or scuffs, the resin-based formulation of Saphir Renovating Repair Cream is perfect for filling and concealing damage to smooth leather. The formulation is very simple: resin + pigment. It fills any cracks, rebuilds the surface, and will never come off. Once it dries, it will never rub off onto clothing or upholstery. Available in 15+ colors, it is easy to find a match for most normal leathers.

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Evaluate the Scratch

The Crème Rénovatrice (Saphir Renovating Repair Cream) is perfect for deep scratches to smooth leather. For small scratches, you can apply the Renovating Repair Cream directly. For larger areas, first mix with a little bit of Saphir Cream Polish.

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Trim Any Loose Leather

Prepare the affected area by cutting away loose leather or gently sanding the scratch with very fine-grade sandpaper. You want the surface to be relatively smooth before applying the Renovating Repair Cream.

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Apply Renovating Repair Cream

Apply the Renovating Repair Cream directly onto the leather using your finger. Massage it into the leather and try to smooth it out. Allow it to dry. Once the cream dries, it will not rub off onto clothing.

The Renovating Repair Cream is designed for small repairs. If applying to an area larger than a few millimeters, first dilute with equal part of Saphir Cream Polish. This will help in applying it more smoothly when working over a larger area.

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Polish with Saphir Cream Polish

To help further conceal the repair, we highly recommend applying one or two coats of Saphir Pommadier Cream Polish over the scratch. This helps further smooth the surface while the waxes add further protection against future damage. For further information about how to use Saphir Cream Polish, please reference our Basic Shoe Care Guide.