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Sovereign Grade Grey Donegal Crew Neck Sweater

SKU D5SH103N-670/48
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Sweater Size 48

Hardy yet soft and lightweight, this tightly knitted Donegal patterned cashmere crewneck is an elegantly casual reflection of the unique spirit, environment, and heritage of the Aran Isles in which they are knitted by Drumohr.

The visual Donegal texture combined with the understated tonal colorways of this crew neck make it ideal for casual and business casual settings, and it will look like new long after lesser sweaters have been retired.

  • Material: 68% Virgin Wool - 29% Cashmere - 3% Nylon
  • Made in Italy

Size Guide

  • Select size based on your typical sport coat/jacket size.
  • Sizing is based on European measurements.
US UK Europe Japan
38 38 48 40
40 40 50 42
42 42 52 44
44 44 54 46


Our Sovereign Grade knitwear is carefully crafted in Italy, each piece is knitted using the finest yarns available. The skilled artisans in Italy bring their expertise and attention to detail to every stitch, ensuring a flawless finish. Our Sovereign Grade knitwear is a testament to enduring style and timeless elegance. Elevate your wardrobe with these exceptional pieces, embracing the warmth and sophistication that only the finest Italian knitwear can offer.

Close up photo of glossy, brown wooden hangers with curved edges, arranged with dark jackets hanging along a bar, facing the viewer.

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