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Toe Plate Only Service

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Unfortunately, this service is temporarily unavailable but we hope to be bringing it back soon. Thank you for your understanding!

It is certainly possible to outfit a new pair, or slightly worn pair, of shoes with toe plates from our Kirby Allison Certified Shoe Restoration Program without having to go through a full resole. Our bespoke-quality Triumph and Lulu toe plates are great additions to any pair of shoes to prevent premature wear to the toes and help prevent permanent damage to shoes when they wear into the welt at the toe. Preference between the brass Triumph or stainless steel Lulu plates is purely personal preference.

  • Stainless steel Lulu toe plates available for $60.
  • Brass Triumph toe plates available for $70.
  • Only new or lightly worn shoes can be outfitted without a full Restoration.
  • One-year Workmanship Guarantee.
  • You will receive an email with instructions within 24 hours of purchase Monday- Friday.

Shoe Repair and Recrafting

Our certified Kirby Allison Shoe Restoration Services have been developed by Kirby to ensure that your shoes are resoled to like-new condition! Drawing on his extensive experience with the world's finest shoemakers, Kirby has designed this program in partnership with an award-winning local cobbler.

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Based in Dallas, Texas

Although Kirby Allison travels the world to source product and film videos, we are based here in Dallas, Texas. Our warehouse is open to the public. Feel free to stop by anytime to pick up an order, chat with Kirby Allison, or ask any shoe care questions.