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Forte Series Pomade

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The Forte Series Pomade provides a medium to firm hold that will help you achieve high volume hairstyles. It is formulated with both biotin and vitamin B-5 to ensure your hair stays nourished and healthy throughout the day while giving you a classic clean cut look. The water soluble formula ensures that it easily washes out at the end of the day without the aid of shampoo.

For those who prefer a styling cream that can be applied to wet hair and air dried, take a look at our Forte Styling Cream. 

    Wet Shaving & Personal Care

    Proper luxury wet shaving with a badger hair brush, thick lather, and a double-edge safety razor is an essential morning ritual for any well-dressed man. Elevate your shaving experience beyond the mundane with the proper accoutrement and technique and never look back upon the days of cartridge shaving.

    Double-edge razors eliminate many problems caused by multi-blade cartridge razors, like ingrown hairs and razor burn. They lift the beard, not compact it, leaving a much more refreshing, and satisfying, sensation when completed. And with blades costing at most 35-cents, one can always enjoy a sharp razor.

    Allow us to introduce you to the world of luxury wet shaving and permanently elevate your shaving routine to the proper standard of a gentleman.

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    Based in Dallas, Texas

    Although Kirby Allison travels the world to source product and film videos, we are based here in Dallas, Texas. Our warehouse is open to the public. Feel free to stop by anytime to pick up an order, chat with Kirby Allison, or ask any shoe care questions.