Sovereign Grade Heel Replacement


If you find yourself in need of some heel TLC, we at have you covered. With this service, you have the option of replacing the top lift of the heel or the full heel block. Top lifts will feature JR Rendenbach combination heels.

While it might seem cheaper to keep wearing your shoes "just a little longer" before getting the heels replaced, let the buyer beware! Wearing down the heel too much can be a costly mistake. It is actually a much more cost-effective solution to get your shoe heels replaced sooner rather than later. Don't wait until it's "too late"!

  • JR Rendenbach Combination Heels
  • Optional Full Saphir MDO Shoe Shine and Polish
  • New Sovereign Grade Shoe Laces
  • As of Feb. 2023: 4-week turnaround (most cobblers are currently 3-6 months)