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Women's Suit and Jacket Hanger, Clips (Profile A1)

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TypeWomen's Suit and Jacket Hanger, Clips (Profile A1)
Profile A: Suit and Jacket Hangers, Clips Profile B: Blouse, Sweater, and Dress Hanger, Clips A Hanger Project Cedar Tie Hanger with studs, perfect for closet organization, from The Hanger Project Cedar Belt Hanger from is a finely crafted, aromatic cedar wood hanger featuring multiple brass hooks for organized belt storage. A Cedar Belt Keeper for closet organization. A Cedar Belt Organizer-Chrome with metal hooks on it. A Hanger Project Cedar Tie Organizer, designed by, for organizing ties in the closet.
Our Runway Collection Suit & Jacket Hanger offers heavier garments with important shoulder construction the support they need while in the closet. Available in two finishes with clip hardware.

  • 1.75" Shoulder Flare
  • Fully Contoured
  • Clip Hardware
  • Felted Shoulders with Notches

    Please note this product has been discontinued. What we have left is our final stock.
  • Luxury Suit & Jacket Hangers for Women

    The Runway Collection presents a complete range of luxury women's hangers, addressing the need for elegant and harmonious closet organization. Each hanger is meticulously designed to exude sophistication while efficiently organizing your wardrobe. Elevate your closet with the exquisite Runway Collection, a perfect blend of style and organization that caters to the discerning woman's desire for a refined and cohesive wardrobe.

    Close up photo of glossy, brown wooden hangers with curved edges, arranged with dark jackets hanging along a bar, facing the viewer.

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