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Simonnot Godard Pocket Squares

Simonot Godard pocket squares have been around since 1787 and serve as one of the best pocket squares on the market today. This family run business specializes in luxury pocket squares using traditional, handcrafted methods to bring to life some of the most beautiful, unique men's pocket squares in men's accessories.

Products used in this video:


Benjamin Simonnot from Simonnot Godard company, family business set up in 1787. We are very lucky to still have this great heritage. We fight every day to maintain it. Everything is made in France, and of course we produce and recreate our own handkerchief items and design from our history. We are not going to invent things. We are not following the train, we are not following the fashion, we just use our roots or our guide books or patterns and we do some renditions in a nice way. This is from the 1960, 1910, 1920, 1930.

So, this was the original one and we re-woven them. We thought this was for shirting and we wanted to make a pocket and handkerchiefs, so it's a fil-de-fil cotton welt with linen with checks. It's called Prince of Wells. It's very beautiful, and it's super, super light. Fil de bouche is a French name and it's a unique, unique product. We have only one left in France and our factory when it's welted or solid when we will finish forever. It's not possible to make again. It's one ply. It's a super fine linen. And so it's a very very fine on roll edge. And this story was that this lady put the yarn, fil de bouche means yarn, in the sleeve so the lady to get yarn you mean and to have more facility to weave it weaves them and put the yarn on the sleeve to make it unique.

Unfortunately, these people did not live very well, in very bad conditions. So, we have to respect this. But now if we can if we wanted to be make again and we could for yarn reason for machine reason for people reason and social reasons. This has been woven as you say in the north of France what's called the Cumberledge region. And at that time this guy called me went where half river at home and our farmers walking field, and the stories are so say that that that took the curtain from the from the from the fields themselves and the linen of course, their linen.

The North's from there linen bring it back home and wove them and wove them by hand. It was all woven called tisse le maine. It means, bar is hands. And this is a really great story, so we are very lucky because we still have some. Of course it's a $400 retail price. But I mean it's like your own Ferarri or something like unique or your very own bottle of wine, walks out from the yarn.

First we die each yarn and then we start the weaving process. Then we all set up the warp in our factory and we start the weaving. And so from the white yarn to finish weaving fabrics, it's about already two months walk. And then it's a mesmerizing, mesmerizing. It's a chemical process will take the effect to take to the light to take to the sun shining and reflect it. That's why it looks like silk.

Kirby: You know two of the characteristics that are just incredibly unique to me. I mean you really have to touch this and hold it to fully understand how it's different than the same pockets square that is made today. You know the single ply linen yarn and the finesse. I mean it's a large dimension, but as you said when you fold it. I mean it's like having a cloud in your pocket.

Our customers are not expecting to sell just a white handkerchiefs that everybody can do. Plain white handkerchief or plain silk or something like this. The customer are expecting some signature design. Limited series and I mean it's all about quality. Some brand of course not high quality and they want to sell more expensive.

It's very difficult to find people now who can who are able to get this very fine hand embroidering. Not difficult, it's impossible. It was very fine because of the fabric. Always come back on the fabrics the base is the fabrics and how it's woven with the delicate time. And of course the hand embroidering is fine because the yarn, the fabric is fine. So you would find a large part of our collection vintage one. More recent one on The Hanger Project web store. Our unique internet business in U.S., because it's focusing a lot about quality. It's a really great store, where you can find my thing, but you can find some nice hangers, shoe polish or great quality, so let's go.