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Unboxing Bespoke Shoes | George Cleverley Pigskin Loafers

Kirby Allison, founder of The Hanger Project, unboxes his pair of bespoke pigskin loafers that have returned from England. These handmade shoes were sent back to London shoemaker, George Cleverley, to be adjusted for changes in fit that can occur over a shoe's lifetime.


Hi I'm Kirby Allison founder of the Hanger Project and today we're going to be unboxing a pair of cleverly bespoke shoes that I sent in a few adjustments. OK. So this is a pair of shoes that I sent in to be adjusted so it's not being redelivered in the original bespoke box which I already have. This pair of Baron De Rede pigskin loafers was my second pair of shoes from George Cleverley. And my first pair of loafers. And so it always takes a little bit of work to get the last just right whenever you're going from a pair of lace ups to loafers. And so finally after having worn these for about a year I sent them back in for a few adjustments.

And here we have, look at these beauties. So one of the things I love about Cleverley is anytime you send them a pair of shoes for any type of work you know they always polish them back up before they send them back to you and you can really see you know why it is I fell in love with the shoes. I mean this was the second pair of shoes I ordered from them. And normally you'd go for a few lace ups before you would go for a pair of loafers but you know this Baron De Rede model is just absolutely beautiful. I love the antiquing you know kind of the sleek last design. And then this little strap out kind of goes around the back you know really is just an absolute beautiful shoe. So let's put these on and see how they fit.

You know one of the things that we were having them just was just to put a little bit of extra room just here in the sides because they were a little bit too tight for me. But they fit absolutely fantastically. I mean they're comfortable. You can see that it's still quite tight in the heel. So I don't have any slipping in the back. I mean whenever you're working with a bespoke house like Cleverley, you know, it's just fun to kind of have a few of their iconic models that are really been inspired or were you know favorites of some famous personalities in the past. You know the Baron De Rede's I think are some of the most beautiful shoes that Ceverley has. So one of the things I love about a bespoke pair of shoes is that you can always trust that the maker is going to stand behind those shoes 100 percent. So with that bespoke pair of shoes you really can rest comfortably knowing that you can always send those back to the maker any time and they'll adjust the last so that the shoes come back fitting perfectly as times change. You know, these shoes are absolutely beautiful. Now I really look forward to in the putting years if not decades onto them.

If you have any comments please ask them in the comments section below let us know what you think of these shoes. Do you like wearing loafers? Let us know we love to be in that conversation. And you know I always try to get back to those comments personally. So please ask them below. I'm Kirby Allison. Thanks for joining us.