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Saphir Cordovan Cream Shoe Polish

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The Saphir Médaille d'Or Cordovan Cream Shoe Polish is an all-natural cream polish based on only the finest ingredients. Unlike soft leather creams and polishes, the Cordovan Cream Polish does not contain turpentine (more below). It is formulated especially for the unique requirements of cordovan leathers.

The Cordovan leather is obtained from horses imported from Cordoba in the United States and crossed with wild horses of the Dakota. Only the 20 to 22 dm2 of the back are used (the "shells"). One of the unique properties of cordovan leather is a very compressed pore and fiber structure. At the end of tanning, glass bottles are actually used to further compress the leather fibers. The result is a very strong, weather-resistant leather that yields patina which makes cordovan almost instantly recognizable.

It is very important in the care of cordovan that the fibers not be allowed to expand. Shoe polishes containing turpentine, which are designed for soft leathers, such as calfskin, can penetrate into the pores of cordovan and cause them to expand, thereby diminishing this unique characteristic to the leather. This is why the Saphir Cordovan Polish specifically does not contain turpentine.

These hyper-resistant and flexible leathers require regular maintenance. Saphir's CORDOVAN leather cream is a formula with beeswax, a high concentration of pigments and neatsfoot oil to penetrate deep into the leather and to keep it very smooth but without expanding pores.

Available in four colors. If one of the three pigmented colors does not match the finish of your cordovan leather, consider mixing multiple colors to achieve the desired color OR just consider using the neutral cordovan polish. Because of the dense fiber structure of cordovan, it is not essential to provide pigment. One is much better off using a proper cordovan polish vs. cream polishes meant for calfskin.

Care instructions:

  1. Remove any dust or dirt from the shoe with Saphir's Leather Cleaning Soap.
  2. Spread Saphir's Cordovan Cream on the shoe and gently massage into the leather.
  3. Allow the cream to dry for approximately five minutes.
  4. Buff off polish with a horsehair brush.
  5. Polish with a soft cotton cloth or chamois and one or two drops of water.

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The effect of Saphir Shoe Polish is both immediate and impressive, as described by the overwhelmingly positive product reviews. With proper care, using Saphir Cream and Wax Polishes can dramatically extend the lifetime of your best shoes.

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