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Florsheim Imperials Resoling and Restoration

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Unfortunately, this service is temporarily unavailable but we hope to be bringing it back soon. Thank you for your understanding!

A highly-collectible shoe described by many as one of the finest American-made shoes ever, original are exceptionally difficult to come by and extraordinarily well-made. The Florsheim Imperials are massive derbys built with an armored heel, double-sole, and a split-reverse-welt storm welt.

Our Kirby Allison Certified Shoe Restoration and Refurbishment program resoles and restores these shoes to their original glory. Both the outsoles and mid-soles are replaced with full JR Rendenbach oak bark tanned leather outsoles (the finest in the world), the heel blocks are replaced with full leather JR heel blocks, and the extensive brass nailing pattern used to reinforce the heel and outsole is copied. All work is personally completed by our third-generation, award-winning cobbler.

  • Recrafted to the original Florsheim Imperials standards.
  • JR Rendenbach Oak-Bark Tanned full soles used for both the midsole and out-sole.
  • New JR Rendenbach Heel Blocks.
  • Original Welt Stitch Density Matched
  • Full Saphir MDO Shoe Shine and Polish
  • New Sovereign Grade Shoe Laces
  • One-year Workmanship Guarantee.
  • You will receive an email with instructions within 24 hours of purchase Monday- Friday.
  • See FAQ's below.

Frequent Asked Questions

Can you resole blake stitched shoes?
Yes, we can absolutely resole shoes blake stitch shoes, which have the outsole stitched directly through to the insole without the use of any welt. They require a thinner outsole than Goodyear welted shoes, but we can absolutely do this using our JR Rendenbach oak bark tanned leather outsoles.

Can you resole shoes with double outsoles?
Yes, we can absolutely resole shoes with double soles, or a midsole. A double-soled shoe essentially has two outsoles stacked together and then sewn onto the welt. This adds extra durability. Provided that the midsole is not worn out, we can refurbish double-soled shoes at no additional cost. Should the midsole need to be replaced, or should you desire to replace it with a pair of JR Rendenbach oak-bark tanned leather outsoles, the additional fee is $55.00.

Who takes care of the shoes for this service? What's the process entail?

In Kirby Allison's pursuit of the absolute best in shoe care, we have teamed up with a third-generation, 17-time award-winning cobbler whose family business has been in business for 100 years to create the best recrafting program available. Using only the highest-quality components and finest workmanship, we will resole and recraft your shoes to like-new condition. No corners are cut and extreme care is taken to fully revitalize your shoes as closely as possible to their original condition.

Our Kirby Allison "Silver Cup" recrafting program will restore your shoes to like-new condition using the Shoe Service Institute of America ("SSIA") Silver Cup standards, which is the shoe repair industry's most prestigious award for recrafting workmanship. The contest rules state that shoes should be repaired back to their "out-of-box" condition, preserving the original aesthetic of the shoes as much as possible. In addition, all shoes will receive a finishing shine using Saphir Medaille d'Or to ensure they return fully polished and ready to wear.

Our Kirby Allison recrafting program exclusively uses JR Rendenbach oak-bark tanned outsoles, widely considered by shoe aficionados to be the absolute best outsoles because of their high density and longevity. Every shoe will also receive new JR Rendenbach combination heels, new Sovereign Grade Shoe Laces, and a full Saphir Shoe Shine. Our goal is to provide individualized care and attention to every pair of shoes to ensure only the highest-quality workmanship. Every pair is individually inspected, and the repair is done by our award-winning cobbler. All work is guaranteed for a full year against any failure in workmanship.

Once you place your order, a member of our team will follow up with you with instructions for mailing your shoes to our facility in Florida. For an additional $15.00, we will send you a pre-paid shipping label. Once received, all work will be completed in 10-12 working days (may be extended during the holiday season) and returned back to you via FedEx.

Shoe Repair and Recrafting

Our certified Kirby Allison Shoe Restoration Services have been developed by Kirby to ensure that your shoes are resoled to like-new condition! Drawing on his extensive experience with the world's finest shoemakers, Kirby has designed this program in partnership with an award-winning local cobbler.

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