El Casco M-430 Pencil Sharpener


Possibly the greatest pencil sharpener ever created, the El Casco M-430 Pencil Sharpener will forever change the way you look at a sharpened pencil. Crafted in Spain by a 100 year-old former gun manufacturer, the El Casco pencil sharpener is a brilliant piece of mechanical engineering. What makes this pencil sharpener exceptional is the unique, concave point it creates. The shape of the pencil point extends the sharpness of your pencil and eliminates any initial breaking that occurs with sharp, linear points.

If you regularly write with pencils or if you enjoy mechanical desk swag, this will be a purchase, like me, you won't ever regret. We are offering this as a special group buy with delivery mid-September.

  • Manufactured in steel and zamak.
  • Black lacquered body. Hand-polished copper, nickel and chrome plated components.
  • Wooden crank handle.
  • Sharpness regulator with four adjustable point lengths.
  • Suction pad base.
  • Dimensions: 110 x 110 x 150 mm. Presented in a gift box.
  • Made in Spain.