Boveda Humidor Bag - Medium


Perfect for storing a few cigars, these Boveda Humidor pouches are perfect for fail-safe cigar storage. Unlike normal plastic bags, these Boveda Humidor pouches are designed to eliminate any humidity bleed, allowing the included humidity pouches to last up to a year before they need to be replaced.

Kirby loves using these medium bags to store a 10-15 cigars for long weekend trips. Also perfect for the occassional smoker that wants to store some cigars without having to worry about incorrect humidity. Available in multiple sizes.

  • Comes pre-loaded with 69% Boveda pack. Cigars not included.
  • Small: 4.5" x 9" - $5.99 Holds 3-5 Cigars
  • Medium: 11" x 8" - $7.99 Holds 10-15 Cigars
  • Large: 16" x 12" - $13.99 Holds 60-80 Cigars
  • Last about 1 year before Boveda pack should be replaced.