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Boveda Humidor 84% RH (60 Gram)

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Opting for a high-tech approach to maintain the rich flavor of your cigar collection? If your wineador comes with wooden shelves and trays, it's essential to season it before introducing your cigars. No need for measuring, filling, or worrying about spills. Simply place the packs in an empty wineador, and Boveda will automatically prepare your unit for optimal cigar storage.

84% RH is for:

  • Seasoning wineadors before adding cigars
  • Completely humidifying the cellular structure of the wood components inside wineadors
  • Preventing new wineadors from robbing moisture from cigars and Boveda 69% maintenance packs

A Single Size 60 is for:

  • Up to a 25-count humidor. (For larger humidors, use one Size 60 for every 25 cigars your humidor can hold.)
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