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Shoe Care Guide

How to Store Dress Shoes

Proper shoe storage is vital to protecting your shoes against accumulating dust and accidental damage. There are two primary categories of shoe storage, which are at home and while traveling. Our Hanger Project shoe storage boxes and bags provide maximum protection and ideal organization for your fine dress shoes.

Products used in this video:


Hi I'm Kirby Allison founder of The Hanger Project. In today's video I'm going to be talking about shoe storage. Now here at The Hanger project, we love helping the well-dressed take care of their wardrobes and that means helping you protect your shoes while you're storing them at home or while you're traveling. There's two primary categories of shoe storage that you need to think about. First is how am I storing my shoes at home? And second, how am I storing my shoes while I'm traveling with them? Now at home, the most important part of shoe storage is one, how do you fit all your shoes in your closet so that they're not damaged? And then second, as you're storing them how do you prevent the unnecessary accumulation of dust and other things that may just settle on top of your shoes and make them not look nice whenever you pull them out?

Now there's two ways to store your shoes while they're in your closet. First is with our Hanger Project shoe storage box. Right, which is a rigid box that we had made in two sizes and with the file card holder. And this is a perfect way to store your shoes while you have them in your closet at home. Now what I like about our shoe storage box is one, we have it made out of a very rigid cardboard much more rigid than what you're going to get with the traditional shoe box and a pair of shoes is delivered in. Second, is that these are easily stackable. Right. And you can stack your boxes on the floor, at the top of your closet. It allows you to squeeze in just an extra few pair of shoes into your closet. And then secondly they all look the same. They're all wrapped in the same high quality linen embossed paper with the file card holder on front. You can easily indicate what pair of shoes is in what box. And it just looks nice. Of course with the top closed, nor do you have to worry about any accumulation of dust while these are in storage.

Now you can always use shoe storage bags while you're storing your shoes in your closet also. And for that we have our Hanger Project Moleskin shoe storage bag which is quite plush and then we also have a variety of other shoe storage bags. All those shoe storage options can be found on in our shoe storage category. So, a question we often receive is do I need to put my shoes in a bag and in a box? Now of course the more protection you have for your shoes the better. But it's really not all that necessary. The primary benefit of having your shoes in the bag in the box would be just prevent the shoes from rubbing against one another. Now if you're not moving your shoes much in your closet that's really not something that you have to worry about. So next is to consider how to protect your shoes while traveling.

Now this is incredibly important because if you're not careful in how you pack your shoes and your luggage while you're traveling it's very easy for them to damage by getting dinged, or nicked or hit by any of the other items that you have in your luggage. So, whenever I'm traveling with my shoes, I always want to try to pack them with as much protection as possible and then in an area of my luggage where I don't have any other hard objects that could possibly ding against the shoes if my luggage is being handled roughly. Now for that I love our Hanger Project Moleskin shoe storage bags and the reason is because of all the shoe bags that we have at the Hanger Project, this is an incredibly plush material. It's available in three sizes and it has this back flap that allows you to not only insert the shoe and protect it in the front, but it has this back flap that allows you to protect the back of the shoe by pulling it out and over the shoe. Now this bag has a beautiful satin ribbon that you can use to tie the bag shut with to prevent the shoe from sliding out. And this is a very plush bag it's the thickest one we sell and it's perfect for protecting your shoes against any damage during travel. It's the only bag I travel with.

I'm going to wet the little cotton applicator and then I'm going to try to remove as much of this excess dye from the applicator as possible. And again, the purpose is to just help me further control the amount of dye that I'm applying. Take the applicator and you're just going to brush it across the heel. You can see that alcohol based dye really soaks into the leather. Now be very careful, especially kind of along the waist of the shoe where the heel- where the edge is very tight or cut close to the actual upper, and then just rub this along the edge, and allow it to soak in. Now you can see you need a little bit of time for the alcohol to absorb into the leather. Again, because this is an alcohol based dye, the leather is really going to soak it in, so just allow a little bit of time to dry before you turn it over and then just continue to dye this heel. Again, being very careful around the actual upper, and then if you feel that you need more saturation, just do more applications.

Now what I have here is a bag that we had made specifically for The Hanger Project by Cedes Milano. Now Cedes is an incredible company based in Milan doing absolutely exquisite Italian craftsmanship. And so we had them make for us an incredibly special lambskin shoe travel bag that is lined in lamb shearling. So the purpose of this bag is to provide your shoes with absolutely exquisite protection against any type of damage that occurred could occur during travel. And the lamb shearling you know actually polishes your shoes while they're traveling. Now we had this made completely lined in this plush lamb shearling and then we added a center divider again just to protect your shoes that much more against any type of nicking or scratching. So no question this is absolutely extraordinary storage for extraordinary shoes, but here at The Hanger Project we're committed to the absolute best and luxury shoe care.

I'm Kirby Allison founder of The Hanger Project and we love helping the well-dressed take care of their wardrobes. If you have any questions about anything I discussed in this video please feel free to ask it below in the comments section. I get back to all those comments personally. Of course let us know what you thought of this video, thumbs up or better yet subscribe to this channel so that you can receive notifications when we release all of our videos. And lastly let us know how you store your shoes at home and while you're traveling. I always love hearing from our viewers their creative ways that they take care of the things that they love. Whether you're looking to upgrade your shoe storage at home or while traveling. Take a look at because we have a comprehensive collection of shoe storage options.