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Saphir Pommadier Cream Polish

The Pommadier Cream Polish does an incredible job in nourshing, conditioning, protecting, and shining your shoes. This is a cream polish that we recommened for regular maintenance of your fine shoes.

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Hi, I'm Kirby Allison, founder of The Hanger Project. The Saphir Medaille d'Or Pommadier cream polish is easily the best cream polish that's available on the marketplace. It is formulated using an old traditional shoe polish formulation that is based on beeswax, an all natural pine base turpentine solvent, and shea butter. Pommadier cream polish does an incredible job nourishing, conditioning, protecting, and shining your shoes, and is really what we recommend here at The Hanger Project for regular shoe care maintenance. It contains more than seven different types of waxes that are going to allow the cream polish to both protect and nourish your shoes unlike any other cream polishes out there in the marketplace. And then the all natural pine base turpentine allows this polish to really penetrate deep into the leather to nourish and condition, unlike any other formulation that you can find.

To use the Saphir Pommadier cream polish simply apply it using a cotton chamois massaging it into the leather using small circular motions, and then allow the leather three to five minutes to both absorb the nutrients from the polish and for those waxes to dry. After you have allowed the polish to dry buff it off using a horse hair brush. What you'll find with the Pommadier cream polish is that because it uses such high-quality waxes, not only is it able to produce a really great soft shine with just one application, but you'll find that that shine persists longer than other ordinary polishes. Simply rebuff the waxes using a horse hair brush after you've worn them and you'll find that you're able to renew that original application several times before you need to polish your shoes again.