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Luxury Suit Hangers

Our Luxury Suit Hanger, available in four sizes, features an unprecedented 2.5-inch shoulder flare that provides up to five-times more support than ordinary hangers. All of our trouser bars are flocked, which is a special velvet-like coating that gently grips trousers without applying any pressure. Your trousers will neither crease or slide off while hanging.

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Hi I'm Kirby Allison, founder of The Hanger Project. I'm here to talk to you about our beautiful, luxury wooden suit hanger. I started The Hanger Project after I graduated college, whenever I took all my graduation money I bought my first custom suit. It came on this cheap, plastic hanger that just absolutely drove me nuts.

That was the genesis for The Hanger Project. Literally, a project to design and build the highest quality wooden suit hanger that not only respected the garment but also protected and extended its life by taking care of it. Our luxury suit hanger is now widely regarded to be the best luxury wooden suit hanger in the world, available for sizes with a two and a half inch shoulder flair.

It provides your most important garments with the essential support that they need to hang well in the closet. One size doesn't fit all whenever it comes to our clothes. The same should be true whenever it comes to your hangers. That's why our luxury wooden suit hanger is available in four sizes. Four sizes allows you to perfectly tailor the width of the hanger to fit the garment. You're able to size the hanger to extend all the way to the shoulder without going past the shoulder into the sleeve, which can damage the drape of the sleeve itself. Our luxury suit hanger is fully contoured to mimic the natural stance of your body so that the garment doesn't slide down the hanger while it's in the closet thereby stretching the collar. All of our suit hangers are also made with a felted trouser bar that allows the trousers to gently drape over the bar which doesn't cause any of the creasing that traditional locking bars cause. At The Hanger Project we really strive to over engineer this hanger. We want it to last a lifetime, and one of the ways that we do that is with a locking ring hook. This locking ring hook is inserted into the hanger with a series of parallel threads. And this allows you to twist your hook as many times as possible without ever unscrewing from the hanger. Not only is it stronger but you don't ever have to worry about the hanger hook un-threading itself. So our luxury wooden suit hangers are available in three premium finishes.

We have our traditional finish, which is the first finish that we created the luxury wooden suit hanger with. It comes with brass hardware, a high gloss finish, and a felted trouser bar. The second finish we have is our naturally finished hanger. It's made out of a premium Maple wood with a satin finish, chrome hardware and black flocking. And lastly we have our Alfred finished with a satin finish, chrome hardware and black flocking. And these three finishes are available in every single hanger that we offer here at The Hanger Project. So not only are you able to select a beautiful suit hanger for your closet, but you can more importantly match all the hangers in your closet with the same finish.

So here at The Hanger Project, I'm passionate about helping the well-dressed take care of their wardrobe. Whenever you learn how to take care of the things that you love you'll be able to enjoy them for longer. But more importantly justify investing in pieces that are more meaningful and of higher quality. So I invite you to discover our collection of luxury garment hangers. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us through the website. And of course you're always welcome to call and ask for me personally. I'm Kirby Allison thanks for joining us.