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Garment Care Guide

Suit Hanger Sizing Guide

All of our luxury wooden hangers are available in three beautiful wood finishes and up to four sizes, allowing you to customize both the size and look of your hangers to your exact preference. Our Luxury Suit Hanger, for instance, features an unprecedented 2.5-inch shoulder flare that provides up to five-times more support than ordinary hangers.

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Hi, I'm Kirby Allison, founder of The Hanger Project. We get a lot of questions here at The Hanger Project on how to size your luxury wooden suit hangers properly. So one size doesn't fit all whenever it comes to your clothing, and the same should be true whenever it comes to your hangers. That's why at The Hanger Project we have four different sizes of almost every single hanger that we offer. We allow you to tailor the fit of the hanger exactly to the size of your shoulders.

Our 15 and a half inch small hanger is good for suit jackets underneath a size 40. Our medium 17 inch hanger fits suit jackets sized between a U.S. 40 and a U.S. 44. Our large 18 and a half inch suit hanger is sized for garments between a size U.S. 44 and 48, and our gigantic 20 inch luxury suit hanger is sized for garments above size 49. Our 20 inch extra large luxury wooden suit hanger’s really a Goliath. This hanger is absolutely gigantic. And the gentleman that's wearing a size 49 or larger suit jacket needs of this hanger more than anyone else because it is impossible to find extra wide wooden hangers that properly support the suit jacket. From our small 15 and a half inch hanger all the way to our extra large 20 inch hanger, we enable everyone to tailor the fit of their hangers to their jackets.

Now there's two important things to remember whenever sizing your hanger. The first is that you want your hanger to extend as close to the shoulder as possible without extending past it. The reason that that's important is because you want to provide the shoulder region, which is where a lot of construction goes into, with as much support as possible. But if you extend it past the shoulder into the sleeve you risk damaging the jacket by one, disrupting the drape of the shoulder and by two, whenever you go to put your garment back in your closet, if you were to bang up against the back wall you could actually pinch and damage the suit fabric. So I wear a size 38 and our small 15 and a half inch hanger really fits all my garments perfectly.

Now this right here is our medium 17 inch hanger. Now you can see it's a good fit. But if I feel it at the shoulders it's just slightly extending past the shoulder into the sleeve. Now this is a great example of something that's a little bit borderline. So it's not jetting past the shoulder, but it's still jetting a little bit. So for me personally my preference is our 15 and a half inch hanger because again I'm getting support on the shoulders without having to worry about it extending past the shoulder into the sleeve.

A lot of people try to measure their suit jackets. We actually find that measuring your suit jacket is the least accurate way to size the hanger, just because every single jacket is cut differently. So we honestly recommend going off of the U.S. equivalent size that you wear. If you're a U.S. 38 go for a 15 and a half inch hanger, if you're 40, a 17. If you're a 44, an 18 and a half, and if you're at like a 48,49, or larger you definitely need our extra large 20 inch suit hanger.

One question we get from our customers is how do they know if they need to go up or down a size, and the best guidance that we can offer is that if you're off by more than half an inch on either side under or over, then at that point it's good to move up to the next size. If you have any questions about sizing, feel free to email or call customer service. We're happy to walk you through the process and we have a perfect fit guarantee. So if you receive your hangers and aren't perfectly satisfied with the fit, we'll exchange them for the proper size at no cost. So I invite you to discover our collection of luxury garment hangers. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us through the website. I'm Kirby Allison. Thanks for joining us.