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Garment Care Guide

Spray Starch

If water is used for setting a press, then spray starch is used to hold a press. Many people claim that spray starch reduces the useful life of a shirt, but this is largely unsubstantiated.

Most spray starches from the grocery store come in an aerosol can. However, our Oxford & Wells Premium Spray Starch is non-aerosolized, which not only makes it safer for the environment but also makes for a safer formulation. Their product does not contain harmful chemicals and actually prevents any flaking, streaking or spotting that can be left behind by inferior spray starches.

You should always use steam and water to press a shirt initially. A good iron should create plenty of steam, and a simple spray bottle, like the 3 oz. Spray Bottle we sell for polishing your shoes, should be used to create the first press.

Then, if you would like your clothes to have an additional hold without being too stiff, use the Oxford & Wells Spray Starch.