Whites Detergent

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Whites Detergent by THE LAUNDRESS is specially formulated to keep your whites looking as bright as the day you bought them and to prevent premature yellowing caused by ordinary detergents. The special formula combines a bleaching agent, optical brightener and stain fighting agents with a fresh classic scent. It is perfect for everything from everyday dress shirts to linens and special occasion delicates.

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The formulation of the Whites Detergent is similar to The Signature Detergent but with a higher concentration of whitening enzymes. This formulation will keep the integrity of your whites so that they do not yellow prematurely.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Always pre-treat soiled areas with The Laundress Stain Solution or Wash & Stain Bar. We recommend adding The Laundress All-Purpose Bleach Alternative for an extra whitening boost to your laundry. We recommend washing with hot water for cotton and linen.

Made in the United States

This detergent is enzyme-based and contains no petroleum-based soaps, which helps protect and maintain the integrity of natural clothing fibers better than mass-market laundry detergents. It is also all-natural, biodegradable and non-toxic. The formula is highly-concentrated and appropriate for both hand and machine washing.

The following natural, stain-fighting enzymes can be found in this detergent:

  • Protease: Targets and breaks down large and complex protein molecules into peptides and amino acids which are easily removed by surfactants.
  • Amylase: Targets and breaks down starch-based stains significantly increasing the efficacy of the detergent. They are best at removing starchy stains with low protein content, such as chocolate and spray starch.
  • Lipase: Targets and breaks down fatty soils originating from animal fat and vegetable oils. Lipase removes fatty stains that strongly adhere to fabrics.