Deer Polishing Bone

Characterized by its tight pore structure, Cordovan is a unique leather that demands different treatment than calfskin. The AbbeyHorn Deer Polishing Bone is an essential tool to getting your Cordovan Dress Shoes looking as good as new.

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Hi I'm Kirby Allison, founder of The Hanger Project and I'm here today to talk to you about the deer polishing bone. Now all of our shoe shine accessories on the Hanger Project the deer polishing bone is by far the most unique but it is absolutely essential to long term care of shell cordovan shoes. The reason is that shell cordovan is a membrane that has a very tight fiber structure. It's completely different thing calfskin. And what happens is over time throughout wear, as the vamp creases, you see wrinkles that begin to form across the vamp. Now you use the deer bone to help compress and roll out those wrinkles and smooth that leather back to better condition. To use the deer polishing bone you simply take it into hands and on this smooth as you roll it through the creasing, applying moderate to firm pressure, to push those creases out.

You'll see a white residue develop as you're doing this process. But whenever you're done simply buff it off with a horse hair brush and you'll see that you're able to completely reverse the creasing that you find in the vamp of your shoes. If you have any questions about how to use the deer polishing bone feel free to email customer service or ask them in the comments section of our YouTube video. We also have a full-length shoeshine guide and video on how to polish shell cordovan shoes. Be sure to check those out. I'm Kirby Allison. Thanks for joining us here on The Hanger Project.