Sovereign Grade Giotto Small Dot Melange Cotton Dress Sock

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Our Kirby Allison Sovereign Grade Giotto Small Dot Melange Cotton Dress Sock are knit from 100% Mercerized Egyptian "Giza 70 Mako" Cotton, the highest quality available, using 240-needle machines. The result is a beautiful, slightly-sheer sock that features a melange effect that produces an incredibly elegant sock. This is, without question, Kirby's favorite dress sock.

  • 100% 92x2 Mercerized Giza 70 Mako Cotton Egyptian Cotton.
  • Available in four colors and five sizes.
  • Extra 2-inch “Gambaletto” rib at the top allows sock to more comfortably stretch over the calf.
  • Knit in Rome, Italy, exclusively for Kirby Allison.
  • See below sizing guide.

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Our Kirby Allison Sovereign Grade Giotto Small Dot Melange Cotton Dress Sock is an elegant, formal dress sock. The subtle small-dot pattern provides visual contrast while the beautiful melange knit creates texture. This sock is named after Giotto di Bondone, a Italian painter and architect from Florence that is widely considered to be one of the forefathers of the Italian Renaissance.

The sock is knit on a 260-needle machine from a 92x2 100% mercerized Egyptian Cotton yarn. The all-cotton, mercerized cotton construction yields a light, comfortable and cool cotton sock that has a beautiful, light sheen.

The availability five sizes allow a perfect fit without bunching, while the 260-needle knit produces a fine, thin sock that is slightly sheer in appearance and incredibly comfortable. Proper dress socks should be thin, which prevents the sock from getting in the way of a well-fitting leather dress shoe. The problem with most cotton dress socks these days is that they knit too thick, which is inappropriate for fine (properly fitting) dress shoes and is what causes one's foot to become clammy towards the end of the day.

A Note on Sock Care
Fine dress socks require special care. Because of how finely these socks are knit, long toe nails will quickly and easily saw through the end of these socks. Although it goes without saying for most of our customers, it is important to properly trim your toenails in order to prevent holes from appearing. If they do appear, Kirby recommends trying your hand at darning the socks to repair the holes.

Proper washing of fine dress socks will also significantly prolong their life. We recommend reading our tutorial on How to Wash Socks. A little bit of extra care goes a long way.

About Giza 70 Mako Cotton
Our socks are knitted with the best extra-long staple Egyptian Giza 70 cotton available, from plantations cultivated in a small area east of the Nile Delta - Kafir S'Ad - representing just 0.4% of the total cotton production in Egypt. The result is an incredibly soft, yet relatively durable yarn that allows us to knit these incredibly thin, soft, and comfortable Super Fine Cotton Socks. There is no finer cotton sock available.

Additional Information
Sock Pattern Small Dot
Sock Material Cotton
Sock Color
  • Tan
  • Navy
  • Dark Grey
  • Brown
Sock Length
  • 10
  • 10.5
  • 11
  • 11.5
  • 12
Sizing Guide

Sizing Guide
Our socks sizes are indicated in inches. For a perfect fit, measure the length of your foot from big toe to heel, rounding to the smallest size. Or, use the following below sizing guide. You want the socks to fit the foot as snug as possible while extending all the way above the calf. If the sock does not extend easily above the calf, upgrade to the next size larger.

Sock Size US Shoe Size EU Shoe Size
Size 10.0 8.0 / 8.5 40 / 41
Size 10.5 9.0 / 9.5 42 / 43
Size 11.0 10.0 / 10.5 43 / 44
Size 11.5 11.0 / 11.5 44 / 45
Size 12.0 12.0 / 12.5 46